Private Policy

Hello everyone, welcome to awesome privacy policy page.  Although no one really care to read this page, it is however Google’s requirement that I post this here:
I do not care to collect your personal information.  There is nothing in this site that is designed to invade your privacy.
Log Files
This site contains site tracker.  It provides me with things like visitor’s IP addresses, browser type, referring sites or search queries, visited pages, exit pages, a date/time stamp, and a very boring demographic information for aggregate use.  Basically, this just tells me how many people visited my site, how they found it, and that’s about it.  None of this tells me who you are that’s visiting my site.
I like to eat cookies, but I don’t put cookies on this blog.  However, I use a third-party advertising service and I have no control over what they do.  They may or may not put cookies in their ads and I really don’t care, but I do like chocolate chip cookies though.
This site may contain links to other sites.  I do not know whether other sites privacy policies are and I don’t care.  Just know that when you leave this site, I have no control over what you may experience.
My Advertisers
I use Adsense on this site and I have no control over what Adsense might do to you.  They most likely use cookies.  If you have any concern regarding this, please refer to Adsense’s privacy policy.
If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me through one of the “contact” links on this site.
Adsense’s DoubleDart cookies:

Adsense is currently using a cookie which collects information on your browsing history to decide which ads to display to you personally, i.e. “Interest Based Advertising.”  If you’d rather not let Adsense invade your personal privacy in this way, please feel free to  opt out here.
 (Note: I am not in any way associated with Google or Adsense outside of displaying their ads on this site so for more information please visit Google and read their privacy policy.  I only put this up as I am required to do so.)